E-Commerce Recruitment Agency In Delhi-NCR

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E-Commerce Recruitment Agency In Delhi-NCR

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E-Commerce Recruitment Agency in Delhi-NCR

E-commerce has revolutionized the business techniques in India. The E-commerce industry is anticipated to heighten up to US$ 200 billion by 2026 from US$ 38.5 billion as of 2017. The expected growth for the industry has been set off due to the increased consumption of the internet and smartphone perforation. As of September 2020, the figure of internet connections significantly raised by 776.45 million, powered by the ‘Digital India’ program. 

eCommerce company’s Manpower requirements-

In India, working-class people tend to buy all their needs from online eCommerce app, starting from groceries, dairy, apparel, personal care, medicines due to the busy time schedule. This has increased the requirements and competition of the online eCommerce app. To beat the competition the eCommerce businesses need to have a good set of employees with analytics thinking to drive the business smoothly and keep the company on top of the competitors. This is the reason why eCommerce companies choose the employees wisely. For this, they seek the help of a professional Recruitment agency to fill their vacancies with the most suitable candidates. There are many recruitment agencies working in E-commerce Sector including Growth Hub Consultants (GHC).

Role of a Recruitment Agency-
A Recruitment Agency understands the positions well and they have their professional network to leverage them to connect with the best suitable candidates for their client’s requirements. A professional recruitment agency has a wide range of sources to attract and the best suitable candidates from the industries. Recruitment Agency professionals have expertise from the industry, they understand the companies manpower requirements well and offer the best and the right fit to its client.

Being one of the Best Recruitment Agency, GHC works in a much professional manner that the company gets a committed recruiter who dedicatedly works on the companies requirements and contacts many suitable candidates for Ecommerce job requirements. We are also working for Mobile VAS and the Digital Media industry.
Why choose us as a Recruitment Agency?
Growth Hub Consultants (GHC) is a leading Recruitment Agency, having more than a decade of affluent experience in eCommerce recruitment. When it comes to eCommerce manpower requirements, the industry is very competitive, and we start our recruitment process by creating the candidate profile, then evaluating the entire applications received, and then choosing the one who suits the best for the role.

 sources candidates from many premium job portals, social media presence such as Facebook, Linked In, and other advertising campaigns, to find the best suitable E-commerce candidates. We at GHC also use our AI tools, technology, and database to get the most accurate results.

Why are we best as an Ecommerce Recruitment Agency?
GHC is one of the best recruitment agencies, which helps companies to hire the best & fast. We at GHC have a team of recruitment professionals, who are working for many known companies in this sector. GHC has a large pool of candidates from various industries including the eCommerce sector from all domains, enable us to help the company close the positions in a quick turnaround time. For GHC, the eCommerce sector is equally important and we work immensely to hire suitable candidates for all facets of commerce. Successfully placed over 1000 candidates in the eCommerce sector.

Far more than just a Recruitment Agency
GHC work as a comprehensive Recruitment Partner that not only associate with you for Ecommerce Recruitment, but it also offers far more. We believe in maintaining a strong business relationship with our clients and providing our best contribution to this prospering eCommerce industry.

For any query, connect us at info@growthhubconsultants.com/  9311230889