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Please be aware that certain individuals might approach you, by falsely presenting themselves as our employees, affiliates agents or representatives. Under this false pretence, they might try to gain access to your personal information or to acquire money or other valuables from you by offering fictitious employment opportunities or by claiming that they are contacting you on our behalf. The contacting individual or organization may, for example, claim that we can guarantee your online jobs / work if you pay them a certain amount of money. Such fraudulent offers and claims are usually received via email, the internet, text message, phone, etc. These claims and offers are fraudulent and invalid and you are strongly
advised to exercise great caution when you receive such an offer of employment or notice. Be very mindful of such scams.

Bellow we list some of the features such an offer or claim may have:

  • It may propose a phone or instant message to perform task/ interview as a precondition to online job/ online work
  • Bank details, Money or fees may requested to process your candidature
  • You may be requested to disclose private, sensitive or confidential information
  • You may be told that you were contacted in such a manner because it is a matter of urgency

Such an offer or claim will probably be in the form of an WhatsApp message or email sent from a fake email address or from a free email provider such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc, and not from an official Growth Hub Consultants email address. Please take extra caution while examining such an email address.

Please note that you will never receive a fraudulent employment or work or any other similar claim from us, because we do not provide any online work. Moreover, we provide free jobs to candidates and never ask you for money in exchange for employment opportunities or other similar services. Any such offer of employment or any other service in exchange for fees that claims to be from us is deceitful and part of a fraud.

Criminal and/or civil liabilities may arise from such actions, and we intend to cooperate with competent law enforcement agencies and to ask them to take appropriate action whenever such phenomena occur. Accordingly, we would ask you to immediately get in touch with us via email at upon receiving a suspicious offer or claim and additionally notify the police or other competent authority. 

In any case, please disregard any written or oral request for a job offer or an interview that you believe is or might be fraudulent or suspicious. 

Please note that under no circumstances shall Growth Hub Consultants held liable or responsible for any claims, losses, damages, expenses or other inconvenience resulting from or in any way connected to the actions of these imposters.


Growth Hub Consultants tops the list of all placement agencies Delhi. By choosing us as your job consultant & recruitment firm you can be sure of the best staffing and manpower solutions. We offer start-to-end job placement services including job posting, screening, assessment, scheduling of interviews, and follow-up till the joining.
Our global reach and huge network have made us the most trusted and eminent consultant for abroad jobs. We are in collaboration with a large number of companies in the Gulf, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. We take care of everything from taking interviews to the final appointment and joining the company.
You can think of Growth Hub Consultants as an all-inclusive job placement and recruitment service. Our trained and expert job consultants are no less than genius in finding competent candidates for filling the vacancies of all kinds of jobs in the field of IT, banking, insurance, digital marketing, engineering, travel, hotel, manufacturing, sales, and services.
Being reputable and certified consultants for jobs in Delhi NCR, we are committed to delivering immaculate recruitment and staffing services to all kinds of industries at the global level. To make our clients incredibly satisfied with our cutting-edge recruitment services is at the core of Growth Hub Consultants.

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