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Payroll Management Services

Growth Hub Consultants (GHC) is providing the best Payroll Management services to many known companies, this is why we have become one of the most preferable and Best Payroll Management Service Agencies in Delhi NCR. We help companies to process their payroll with much accuracy

One of the most significant breakthroughs in the field of management, the strategy to outsourcing is to, firstly identify the core activities which are the essence of the company and turn the payroll management services focus on these, while concurrently transferring the other activities on a recurring basis, to a service provider who specializes in them.
Third-Party Payroll management services are important as it helps in reducing the cost of a company. Growth Hub Consultants can help you with the element of payroll processing which seems equally time-consuming and stressful.

Running a business requires your time and attention and as a business owner, one cannot afford to focus on time-consumption practices like overlooking and managing Payroll, etc. Leave the hard work to us and focus better on your business. Outsourcing to a third-party Payroll provider has helped businesses to consistently focus extensively on its performance and achieve a better growth rate.

However, it is not much of a concern if your payroll service provider has superior security protocols in place. Businesses needn’t worry about their data since these providers ensure that your data is safe and will not be tampered with.

Payroll Management Services Features

We take care of the company’s payroll compliance obligations such as the Provident Fund (PF), Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), Professional Tax (PT) and Labour Welfare Fund (LWF).
Our Payroll specialists are also industry experts who are knowledgeable and experienced to all the intricacies occur in the full and final settlement process.

We manage everything from:
  • Calculating payable days
  • Leave encashment days/Notice period recovery
  • Investment proofs and reimbursement claims during final settlements other payments/deductions
  • Consolidated reports on the net payable/recoverable, final tax workings, etc.
  • Processing monthly salaries, reimbursements and arrears

Simply send us the variable monthly particulars and we’ll take care of everything:
Process your payroll based on the latest legislative updates
Process investment declarations of your new joiners and updating it on your HR system
Provide you with consolidated reports
Validate reimbursement claims and integrate these payroll data
Our experts also ensure day-to-day maintenance of your arrear registers and maintain consolidated arrear computation reports for assistance during audits.

Query management

Our Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal simplifies the process of answering employees’ queries, be it salary, leave, reimbursements or tax declarations.
Growth Hub Consultants will save a lot of time which seem cost-effective and productive at the same time. No more you need to hustle around different platforms for recruiting competitive talents. It is right there to help you out by choosing them and helping your company to touch the zenith of success like never before.Our query management team is responsive, considerate of contextual urgencies and resolve issues swiftly within strict SLAs.

End-of-year process (Form 16)

Ensuring a smooth year-end process for your employees is crucial as this can be a complex process. However, proper planning is an expenditure of its own.
With GHC’s ESS portal, your employees can now submit all their investment declaration proofs through an easy to use and mobile-optimised interface.
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Statutory compliance
Compliance is an ever-changing landscape that requires expert agility to manoeuvre. Not to worry, we are the best navigational guides in the industry.
Here’s how we help You:

  • Access to regional and local expertise
  • Assured ethical practices with strict timeline adherence
  • Centralized error-free data that is readily available
  • Professional support during inspections and audits
Get the expertise you need!

Our flexible solutions can be scaled up or down based to match the best of your changing business needs, allowing you to concentrate more on growing your business.
Growth Hub Consultants (GHC) has become one of the “Most Admired Companies” by many known companies.