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Talent acquisition is cited in order to recognize and obtain skilled candidates to fulfil a company’s business needs. The talent acquisition professional is accountable for recognizing, acquiring, screening, and recruiting candidates to close open positions within a company. Talent Acquisition is a complete combo of Employer branding, Manpower planning, diversifying the company’s manpower, and emerging a channel of a strong candidate.
Talent acquisition specialists work on various strategies such as sourcing practices, assessment policy, recruiting standards, and enhancing employment branding practices as well as position creation.
If we consider the difference between Recruitment consultants and Talent Acquisition specialists, is that recruiters fill positions with suitable candidates by proposing them the open positions while the Talent acquisition specialist not just proposes an open position to the potential candidate, they propose the brand it’s value and its expectations clearly. A recruiter fills the position with a suitable candidate while a Talent Acquisition specialist fills the positions, conducts assessment of their past employment, coordinates all the induction and joining process including training.

Talent Acquisition specialist work on an ongoing Recruitment strategy of recognizing key decision-making professionals, upcoming leaders, and developing future leaders for an organization. Talent acquisition specialist work on long term recruitment strategies while focusing on employer branding. Talent Acquisition specialists are responsible for enhancing employer branding and also proposing the brand to the ideal candidates. approaching candidates by brand value gives candidates an idea of a company’s vision & goal, its products or services, it’s competitors, an idea or expectation from a candidate.
In the process to recruit the best talent, an organization must clearly define the expectations and set selection criteria to the Talent Acquisition Specialist. Growth Hub Consultants (GHC) is one of the Best Placement Consultants in the field of Talent Acquisition, which has a team of committed HR professionals, who hold specialization in Talent Acquisition.
Talent acquisition refers to the complete process, in which companies advertise their jobs, screening profiles, tracking, and interviewing interested candidates. It also includes onboarding and training newly hired employees. It usually takes the whole process and function of the human resources (HR) department. For this complete process, a professional and specialized HR Team is required. Setting up an HR department would cost a lot for small-sized companies; hence most companies are working with external Talent Acquisition teams and we at Growth Hub Consultants (GHC) have complete solutions for companies struggling with Talent Acquisition.

We at Growth Hub Consultants (GHC), have not limited their Talent acquisition services just as recruiting services. Our Talent Acquisition services in Delhi NCR consist of comprehensive strategic planning that includes an examination of a company’s workforce plans, the skills, competencies, and experiences employees need for success. Our Talent acquisition Team also focuses on employment branding to attract quality candidates, managing and maintaining relationships with potential candidates, sound metrics, analytics designed to track and improve recruitment decisions.

Growth Hub Consultants (GHC) are working for many known companies, providing companies with talent acquisition services in Delhi that are appreciated by many of our clients. We save your company time and money and miscellaneous spending in terms of hiring compatible candidates. Our HR experts develop a talent acquisition process for your company that aligns with your company’s nature of the business, business acumen. You will have a talent acquisition strategy that reflects your company’s brand in the market and enables you to attract, source, recruit and hire quality candidates.
Professional talent acquisition services boost your company to the edge. They have the expertise your company needs to compete effectively for the best and brightest talent.

We focus on the whole system – business strategy, company leadership, financials, employer brand, HR business partners, recruiting professionals. We analyze improvements in talent acquisition that secure value beyond Human Resources, achieving long-term benefits in hiring managers’ time and effectiveness.

Our Recruitment Audit provides a comprehensive look at Talent Acquisition and identifies root causes, and based on financial analysis, illuminates which fixes are most important for your company.

Our comprehensive analysis reaches from strategy to stakeholders, and from the talent acquisition process to org design and beyond so that all potential opportunities are executed well.

Growth Hub Consultants (GHC), has a proven record of providing the best Talent acquisition services to many reputed organizations and we are continuously working to improve in order to make it much satisfactory and more in companies interest.